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Working for a cleaner, safer planet.

We're taking the time and making the investment to shoulder more responsibility towards operating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly company not only for the advantage of our community and the planet as a whole but for the advantage of owning and operating a more sustainable business. Recently, we've made a change that thousands of hospitals, universities, and businesses alike have already made. We've switched our entire product line to safer, naturally derived and plant based products and cleaners. These toxin free products are safer for our technicians, the consumer and the environment.

Our lives and homes are filled with toxins and chemicals that we use and are exposed to sometimes unknowingly. Household cleaning products can cause unhealthy indoor air quality and may lead to or irritate serious health problems. The hazardous chemicals in use in our lives and in our businesses enters water supplies and lingers in almost every conceivable form around every imaginable corner. The least we could do to combat the use and manufacturing of products that contain such toxins and harmful chemicals was to transition into a product line derived naturally. So we did. We are not only committed to continuing the search for more effective and safer products and companies but also to creating environmental awareness and education for our customers, business associates and the staff at Carpet Pro Cleaners.

Our cleaning method employs a water filtration system that demineralizes and deionizes the water we use for cleaning. This is one step we've taken as we strive towards using and consuming even less of the natural products that we clean with. We aim to not only use less of our products but also to remove residues and other toxic chemicals left behind by carpet spot cleaners or other carpet cleaners.

Currently, we are seeking new and innovative ways to power our company vehicles and equipment. Exploring the use of solar power and biodiesel engines are among a list of priorities for the new year.

Using products that are made with plant, mineral and biodegradable ingredients, are not tested on animals and are packaged with environmentally sustainable or recycled materials is not the end of our journey, it's the beginning. We are looking forward to expanding our emphasis on sustainability and lessoning our companies carbon footprint while striving to provider a cleaner, healthier and safer option for cleaning.

What is Green Seal?

Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. with the mission of safeguarding human health and the environment by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of more sustainable products and services. Green Seal makes it possible for companies like Carpet Pro Cleaners to find and use environmentally friendly products that our customers can have confidence in.  The organization is a science-based development and certification body that meets the Criteria for Third-Party Certifiers of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  It meets the requirements for standard development organizations of the American National Standards Institute, meets the guidelines for ecolabeling programs of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14020 and 14024), and also meets membership criteria of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).  Green Seal's flagship program is voluntary certification of products and services to meet Green Seal standards.

Interesting and useful sites on the world wide web.

Here is a collection of website featuring water quality and conservation information relevant not only right here in the Carolinas, but also representing localities all over the United States, and the world.  If you would like to learn more about protecting and improving water quality, Carpet Pro Cleaners invites you to explore this collection of interesting and useful sites on the web:

Aral Sea Story - Information on the drying up of the Aral Sea which was once the fourth biggest inland sea in the world.

California Bay-Delta Authority - About programs to develop and implement a long-term comprehensive program to restore ecological health and improve water management in the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem.

Canada's Aquatic Environments - This large, comprehensive website details the aquatic habitats, animals and plants of Canada

Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) - information about releases of pollutants into air, water and land, from Environment Canada

Christina River Basin / Watershed of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania - Information hub and method of public outreach for enhancing informed public participation in watershed management in the Christina River Basin of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Delaware's Pollution Control Strategy - Working through Tributary Action Teams it is designed to educate about water pollution prevention in Delaware's watersheds. Includes resources to learn how to be effective in preventing water pollution.

EDF Chemical Scorecard - Toxic Release Inventory data for the US. Sources and amounts of toxic chemicals released to air and water. Also has information on health effects and other topics.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Water - US federal agency responsible for protecting and improving water quality. Details of national water programs, online library, local information, laws, and kids page.

Global Water Partnership - They support integrated water resources management programmes by collaboration, at their request, with governments and existing networks and by forging new collaborative arrangements.

Hillslope and Watershed Hydrology Lab, Oregon State University - Conducts research on the hydrologic cycle, particularly runoff generation processes in diverse watersheds. Includes publications and presentations, information about opportunities for students, and related links.

Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Research, training, and software for hydrologic engineering and water resources planning and management.

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, University Stuttgart - Lists areas of research, degrees offered, and publications.

Isotopes in Water and Environmental Management - Uses of isotopes (both stable and radioactive) and isotope data in hydrology. Source is IAEA.

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program - Public education resource about watersheds, water quality, and preventing water pollution.

Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) - State-owned organization dedicated to research, development, transfer of technology, and education related to water management and conservation. Find details of mission, infrastructure, products, and services. [Spanish, English]

Netherlands Water Partnership - Water Information Network - Comprehensive database of the Netherlands water community. Includes information on organisations with their geographic/technical areas of expertise, water projects, and international water events. Describes water issues and projects in all parts of the world.

Riparian Forest Buffers - Illustrated document discusses stream side forests as protection and enhancement of the water resources of the eastern United States.

Rutgers university wetland delineation short course training -

Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory - Branch of the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) collecting water resource related data to monitor the environment as it is affected by land use.

Spatial Hydrology - Internet directory for hydrologic modeling, GIS, GPS and remote sensing.

University of Florida Water Resources Research Center - Funding research projects in Florida, offering descriptions of these grants, information on other water resource news and links to government and university sites.

University of New South Wales Water Research Laboratory - Information about research and consulting in hydrology, hydraulics, groundwater, coastal engineering, and related areas.

U.S. Water News On-Line - Coverage includes water supply, water quality, policy and legislation, litigation and water rights, conservation, climate, and international water news.

USEPA - Biological Indicators of Watershed Health - Water quality and how aquatic life (fish, invertebrates, algae) is used to measure the overall health of the nation's waters. Lots of links to state and federal programs as well as other sites.

USGS -- Water Resources of the United States - Home page for water resources information from the U.S. Geological Survey. Topics include ground water, surface water, water use, water quality, acid rain, toxic substances hydrology.

UW Extension water & natural resources - Information about water quality programs and related environmental concerns in Wisconsin.

Water - European Environmental Agency - Collection of reports, links, and data sets on European water resources topics.

Water Online - For water and wastewater professionals. Industry news, regulatory updates, latest technology announcements and employment opportunities

Water Web Consortium - Internet directory, webring, online forums, and international workshops intended to promote the sharing of information concerning water and the earth's environment. - Articles explore prehistoric and historic water projects worldwide. - Portal site for water businesses and the topic of water management, particularly in France.

Watershed Atlas of the Allegheny River - Describes what a watershed is, how a water cycle works, and shows how the last glacier shaped the western Pennsylvania/southwest New York region. Focus is on how water workes within natural systems, and how human activities can impact water quality.

World Water Conservation - Reports on the status of water supply and water-saving measures at various locations around the world.

World Water Day - Focuses on international water issues such as working to alleviate poverty and hunger, sustainable development, environmental integrity, and human health.

The World's Water - Supplement to a book by Peter H. Gleick. Comprehensive data on worldwide freshwater resources and associated political, economic, scientific, and technological issues.

Wyoming Water Resources Data System - The Water Resources Data System is a clearinghouse of hydrological and climatological data for the State of Wyoming


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